Somewhere in the volcanic Panamanian mountains lies the amazing Finca Janson Coffee farm.
Around 1940 Carl Janson (Sweden) fell in love with Volcán and it’s surroundings. He bought land and started breeding Angus cows there. He preserved the land carefully to make sure his children would also be able to enjoy the place.

Four of his sons started growing coffee 25 years ago.
Nowadays the Janson Family concentrates on high quality coffee like the famous Geisha varietal. The high altitude in combination with the special micro climate and the volcanic soil are perfect conditions for the high quality coffees to grow in.

Cale & Michael Janson are super dedicated to growing, treating, processing and roasting the coffees. There is an extreme amount of effort put into the coffee. Which you definitely taste in the cup. They are constantly experimenting with the pruning, harvesting, processing, the byproducts of coffee and the brewing!

LATTE ART!  Een mooie cappuccino of latte wil iedereen wel, maar hoe dan? en hoe zorg je ervoor dat de schuimlaag toch dik genoeg is? De mensen van Verve Coffee in de US hebben een erg leuk filmpje over goed schuim en hoe je daarmee en rosetta maakt.




koffie boon 2

Like coffee? Go see Berlin!

Deze stad loopt over van de geweldige onafhankelijke coffee-bars. Aan de hand van een heel toffe lijst met bars (zie HIER) zijn we op onze fiets de hele stad doorgeracet om al deze tof-klinkende tenten te zien, er koffies te bestellen en ons te laten inspireren.

EN HO-LY SHIT wat was het vet…

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