Remember what the HY truck once looked like? Nah me neither! Today we forget that the back of the HY was naked, and we celebrate it’s new appearance. YES this ravishing Aluminum superstructure is stealing the show!

Past friday we were at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. Man Met Bril Coffee Roastery was so kind to arrange a spot for us at the True Artisan Café. So there we were pulling leopard Espressos and pouring cappuccinos. But not just that.. We brought our self-built, Nitro Cold Brew Tap. Yes. A never ending foamy stream of cool and juicy coffee..

For this brew we used a Rwandan coffee, ‘the Coko’ roasted by Man Met Bril. It tends to taste like vanilla and honey, and because of the Nitrogen it gets a lot of body and creamy feel.  The coffee gets extracted with cold water so some of the bitter and acidic aromas don’t get the chance to dissolve into the water. This makes Cold Brew a sweeter, less acidic drink which is a pleasure to drink when the sun is out. And it’s sooo superpretty when the Nitro foam is cascading…

Want a tap like this too? E-mail us! 

A little milestone here at Bitter & Real’s headquarter. We managed to put the brand new electric engine into the old HY truck. Wooh! Thanks to the help of a bunch of strong men we put the 120 kg part in the truck.

Sounds easy but a lot of things had to be done to make this possible. The AC-Motor had to be connected to the old gearbox somehow. Barry from the ‘Hogeschool Rotterdam’ helped us customize the old flywheel, put his hands on some freshly overhauled parts for the clutch and balanced it out. Minos designed a connection plate to mount the electric motor to the gearbox and designed a motormount to let the motor sit in the truck safely. Like this the AC-Motor together with the old gearbox smoothly fits inside the old truck.
Next step is to tetris in all off the 135 li-ion batteries, connect it to a Battery Management System, connect the controller, and pimp the old dashboard.
To be continued!

Bitter & Real

Stuff is getting Real at the workshop! We kwamen toch meer roest tegen dan we dachten. Maar met heel veel schuren, slijpen, wat nieuwe staalplaatjes, een heel goede lasbaas en nog wat magisch sterrenstof zijn alle gaten gedicht. Ook zitten nu de ribben op het chassis, waar later de accubakken aan komen te hangen. Next step is anti-roest & primer!

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